Monday, March 5, 2007

Additions to the pile: Week of 5 March 2007

Papers of interest published in AGU's journals last week:

Ridley, A. J. (2007), Effects of seasonal changes in the ionospheric conductances on magnetospheric field-aligned currents, GRL 34, L05101

Singh, N., and I. Khazanov (2007), Scattering of long wavelength shear Alfvén waves by a localized density cavity, GRL 34, L05102

Kuo, S. P., and D. Greco (2007), Determination of the height of the modulated electrojet region generating ELF radiation, GRL 34, L05103

Trávníček, P., P. Hellinger, and D. Schriver (2007), Structure of Mercury's magnetosphere for different pressure of the solar wind: Three dimensional hybrid simulations, GRL 34, L05104

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