Monday, April 16, 2007

Flood warning

The latest storm resulted in a small stream flood warning for our area. The Town of Durham reports that several area roads are closed or may close:

  1. Bagdad Road by pond - 1 foot of water going over roadway.

  2. Coe Drive by SAU - water over roadway by large culvert

  3. Mill Road at Plaza entrance

  4. Pettee Brook/Madbury Road at brook - the Pettee Brook is running over Madbury Road

  5. Bennett Road in typical three locations - near Packers Falls Road; by LaRoche Brook; Between Beaudette and LaRoche farms.

  6. Dame Road by Dame Farm/twin culverts (on Durham Point end of road)

  7. Durham Point Road in two locations - by Bay Road; by Deer Meadow Road

  8. Route 155 to Dover is closed

  9. Route 4 to Portsmouth is open but a great deal of water on either side of road by Wagon Hill Farm

  10. Route 108/Dover Road by Evangelical Church is under 1 foot of water and is expected to worsen

  11. Route 108/Dover Road by Beards Creek is a concern - the water is very high here.

UNH was open this morning but curtailed operations sometime around 10:15 EDT. I saw the Mill Road closure on my way to work this morning: water was gushing out of a storm drain at College Brook, which is at the highest level I have ever seen it (and quite a bit higher than during last year's monsoon).

UPDATE: NWS has posted a spotter report of 5.35 inches of rain from this storm as of 8:00 EDT, and it's been raining all day.

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