Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Additions to the pile: Week of 21 May 2007

Papers of interest in AGU journals last week:

Millan, R. M., R. P. Lin, D. M. Smith, and M. P. McCarthy (2007), Observation of relativistic electron precipitation during a rapid decrease of trapped relativistic electron flux, GRL 34, L10101.

Volwerk, M., K.-H. Glassmeier, R. Nakamura, T. Takada, W. Baumjohann, B. Klecker, H. Rème, T. L. Zhang, E. Lucek, and C. M. Carr (2007), Flow burst-induced Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in the terrestrial magnetotail, GRL 34, L10102.

Vapirev, A. E., and V. K. Jordanova (2007), Calcualtion of bounce-averaged velocities and hydrogen densities for a storm-time magnetic field, GRL 34, L10103.

Jacobsen, S., F. M. Neubauer, J. Saur, and N. Schilling (2007), Io's nonlinear MHD-wave field in the heterogeneous Jovian magnetosphere, GRL 34, L10202.

Hsu, T.-S., and R. L. McPherron (2007), A statistical study of the relation of Pi 2 and plasma flows in the tail, JGR 112, A05209.

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