Monday, August 13, 2007

Additions to the pile: Weeks of 6 August and 13 August 2007

Articles of interest in the last two weeks:

Sitnov, M. I., P. N. Guzdar, and M. Swisdak (2007), Atypical durrent sheets and plasma bubbles: A self-consistent kinetic model, GRL 34, L15101.

Trávníček, P., P. Hellinger, M. G. G. T. Taylor, C. P. Escoubet, I. Dandouras, and E. Lucek (2007), Magnetosheath plasma expansion: Hybrid simulations, GRL 34, L15104.

Hubert, B., K. Kauristie, O. Amm, S. E. Milan, A. Grocott, S. W. H. Cowley, and T. I. Pulkkinen (2007), Auroral streamers and magnetic flux closure, GRL 34, L15105.

Bahcivan, H. (2007), Plasma wave heating during extreme electric fields in the high latitude E region, GRL 34, L15106.

Watanabe, M., A. Kadokura, N. Sato, and T. Saemundsson (2007), Absence of geomagnetic conjugacy in pulsating auroras, GRL 34, L15107. At 7 pages, longer than some JGR papers.

Villante, U., P. Francia, M. Vellante, P. Di Giuseppe, A. Nubile, and M. Piersanti (2007), Correction to "Long-period oscillations at discrete frequencies: A comparative analysis of ground, magnetospheric , and interplanetary observations," JGR 112, A08202. The original paper is JGR 112, A04210.

Fairfield, D. H., M. M. Kuznetsova, T. Mukai, T. Nagai, T. I. Gombosi, and A. J. Ridley (2007), Waves on the dusk flank boundary layer during very northward interplanetary magnetic field conditions: Observations and simulation, JGR 112, A08206.

Trattner, K. J., J. S. Mulcock, S. M. Petrinec, and S. A. Fuselier (2007), Probing the boundary between antiparallel and component reconnection during southward interplanetary magnetic field conditions, JGR 112, A08210.

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