Monday, September 10, 2007

Additions to the pile: Week of 10 September 2007

Papers of interest in AGU journals last week:

Sandel, B. R. and M. H. Denton (2007), Global view of refilling the plasmasphere, GRL 34, L17102.

Brain, D. A., R. J. Lillis, D. L. Mitchell, J. S. Halekas, and R. P. Lin (2007), Electron pitch angle distriburions as indicators of magnetic field topology near Mars, JGR 112, A09201.

Newell, P. T., S. Wing, and F. J. Rich (2007), Cusp for high and low merging rates, JGR 112, A09205.

Liang, J., and W. W. Liu (2007), A MHD mechanism for the generation of the meridional current system dirung substorm expansion phase, JGR 112, A09208.

Seyler, C. E., and K. Liu (2007), Particle energization by oblique inertial Alfvén waves in the auroral region, JGR 112, A09302.

Lessard, M. R., W. Lotko, J. LaBelle, W. Peria, C. W. Carlson, F. Creutzberg, and D. D. Wallis (2007), Ground and satellite observations of the evolution of growth phase auroral arcs, JGR 112, A09304.

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